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Plattsburgh State Research Web Sites

Plattsburgh State Research Web Sites

This web server highlights research webs maintained by Plattsburgh State University's faculty.

Little Chazy River Watershed Little Chazy River Watershed

Site owner: David Franzi

Collaborators: Ed Romanowicz, Kan Adams, Timothy Mihuc, Melinda Wu, Eileen Allen, Steven Kramer

Supported by: National Science Foundation, Lake Champlain Basin Program, Clinton County Planning Office


The Watershed Partnership Project is an outgrowth of student research on the Little Chazy River Watershed since 1992.  These pages, currently under construction, contain geographical, hydrological and meteorological data compiled by PSU students and links to governmental and independent web sites that contain information about the watershed.

ejournal.jpg PSU ejournal for Undergraduate Research

Site owner: Tim Mihuc

Collaborators: PSU Science Departments and faculty

Supported by: Approved College web publication for undergraduate research through Arts and Sciences


The new ejournal for undergraduate research at Plattsburgh State University.  Science students submit research papers for peer review and accepted papers are posted (electronically published) on the ejournal.  The title of the publication is Scientia Discipulorum. 

Violence Prevention & Research

Site owner: Lynda Ames

Collaborators: Jean Cass, Arlene Sabo, Kathleen Camelo

Supported by: Department of Justice, Office of Violence Against Women


Ciliate Image Database

Site owner: José de Ondarza

Supported by: Teaching & Technology Grant (PSUNY)


Ciliates are some of the best-known protozoa. Their habitats range from soils to oceans to pinds and streams, and some even inhabit the digestive tract of animals. Although unicellular, each cell is itself quite complex and, to the microscopist, quite beautiful. The Ciliate Image Database presents pictures of these marvelous organisms, collected from many of the foremost researchers in protozoology.

Community of Writers

Site owner: David Kovacs

Collaborators: Mark Holden, Jose Torres, Linda Young-- Abstract form is disabled. (A website devoted to developing PSU's community of writers.


The Brontės: Texts, Sources, and Criticism The Brontës: Texts, Sources, and Criticism

Site owner: Peter Friesen

Supported by: Plattsburgh State University, UUP Special Projects Fund, PDIAP


This site features an assemblage of resource materials for Bronte studies, including contemporary criticism and source materials. The site is in a perpetual state of slow development. 

wetlandmonitoring.jpg Boquet River Watershed Wetlands Monitoring Project

Site owner: Mei-Yin Wu

Collaborators: Boquet River Association

Supported by: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


The Boquet River, a major tributary to Lake Champlain, is located at Essex County, NY. The river's 280 square mile watershed is in the Adirondack Park.  Plattsburgh State, in partnership with the Boquet River Association, received a Wetland Program Development Grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to develop a wetland monitoring program for the watershed.  Comprehensive surveys on wetland hydrology and vegetation were conducted on 40 wetlands in year 2005 and 2006.  

Health Reach

Site owner: Jerimy Blowers

Collaborators: Kevin Curley

Supported by: Plattsburgh State Center for Student Health and Psychological Services, Student Association, NYS Office of Alcohilsm and Substance Abuse Services


Users of this website find a myriad of information regarding overall health and wellness issues. From sleep to substance use, this page provides access to some of the most updates and pertinent information for students and faculty. Also included is a method by which individual residence hall staff request health-related programming in the form of ready-made outlines and guest speakers.

Plattsburgh Campus Community Partnership

Site owner: Jerimy Blowers

Collaborators: Plattsburgh Campus-Community Partnership (William D. Laundry, Co-Chair), Jerimy Blowers


This site is devoted to disseminating information about the existing Plattsburgh Campus Community Partnership and encouraging participation in its endeavors by students, faculty staff and Plattsburgh residents. The group is founded on the principles and spirit of collaborative problem-solving, feeling that every member's voice is essential for constructively dealing with mutual challenges facing the college and community at large. The conglomerate recently won an award given by the New York State Office on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services for long-standing service.

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